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Loop teacher walkthrough

Loop teacher walkthrough

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The latest teacher news:

   Attendance By Photo (New) - This page has been redesigned to allow multiple seating arrangements for a single class as well as to adjust the seating chart while taking attendance. The old Attendance By Photo page will still be available to teachers through the end of the 16-17 school year. The Classroom Photo report printed from this page has also been adjusted to support displaying an entire class on one page with a new Shrink To Fit option.

   Gradebook Scores By Standard - This new feature in the Aeries Gradebook allows teachers to view assignments linked to specific standards, even when those assignments come from different gradebooks. An overall grade is provided for each standard and scores are editable on this page. This feature is only available for "Rubric" Gradebooks.

   Gradebook Options - The Hide Overall Score and Show Final Mark options now have separate settings for Parents and Students. This allows the teacher to see this information while being hidden from parents and students. Also, these options can now be checked/unchecked independently. The options on this page have been rearranged to display all the grading options at the top.

   Graduation Requirements - A requirement to complete a "Career Pathway" is now an option on each Graduation Track. This should help where many Career Pathway courses can count for credits in other subject areas.

   Standards Based Grades - The Standards Based 2-Column Report Card now includes an option (available on the Standards Based Options page) to print an address block at the bottom of the first page using legal-sized paper. This report also now has an additional option to Print to Contacts. The address block will include the District Name, School Name, and School Address, along with the Student Name and Parent/Guardian or Contact address information. Please note that these options only apply to the 2-Column Portrait report and must first be enabled in Standards Based Options. Also, the Print to Contacts option is only available when including the address block. This option will not apply when the report is printed by a Teacher, Parent or Student, or when generating Report Card History.

   Records Transfer - Transcripts can now be transferred through the Aeries K12 to K12 Records Transfer System. Incoming Courses can be matched to local courses and transferred. Also, when using the Incoming Requests page to send student records, the process now uses the Aeries Reporting Engine to expedite the process and free up the user to make more matches in less time

   Aeries Analytics - A publicly accessible URL link icon is now available on each chart item. This URL can be embedded in an iframe on a public site. The public analytics item will not display the student list or filters. Also, the drilled-down item titles now display the main item title along with the selected category and the selected series description. For column/bar charts, a count will now display in parentheses next to the percentage.

   504 Program - The 504 page and 504 Plan Report have been significantly enhanced to support language that is more appropriate to 504 programs and to add additional fields and tables for recording the details of a student's 504. Also, a "Copy" button has been added to quickly create a new 504 record for a student in the new school year.

   Contacts - A new Educational Rights Holder (CON.ERH) field has been added.

   Physical Fitness - The Sit and Reach fields have been widened to fully display 2 character values.

   Summer School Course Requests - Summer School Course Requests is a new system in Aeries that allows schools to define their "Summer School Terms" and available "Summer School Courses" in the current, active Aeries database. Once this information is defined for each Summer School in the district, the new "Summer School Course Requests" area of the Course Requests page can be used to identify student summer school course requests. This should eliminate the need to have to pre-enroll students in Summer Schools until closer to the end of the regular academic year.

   Online Help - Context-Sensitive Help has been added to the Records Transfer pages.

   Standards Based Grades - The Load Grades From Gradebook process now supports the Standards Based Valid Marks Sort Order in the sort order of valid marks. Also, an All/None button has been added to Step 2 of the Load process to select all or none of the gradebooks.

   Import Test Results - New test parts have been added for the SBAC Interim Assessment.

   Student Groups - Student Groups has been overhauled to make it easier to add students to the group. Students can now be added by pasting in a list of student ID numbers separated by commas, spaces, or line breaks. Student Groups can now also be linked to Aeries Analytics Indicators and will dynamically update with new students nightly or when indicators are manually processed. Also, schools will now only see groups which have been flagged for their school. Also, for districts using Loop, groups can now be flagged as a "Communication Group" and soon this will automatically create a communication group in the Loop Communication platform.

   Weekly Progress Email to Parents - The Weekly Progress Email process now honors appropriate permissions to the Attendance (ATT) and Gradebook Scores (GBS) security areas when generating the emails. Also, the portal option to "Hide Current Info from Students and Parents when Teachers are Updating Grades." will no longer apply to this process.

   Student Attendance - Attendance posted more than 30 days into the future will display a more descriptive warning message.

   Student Backpack - Assignments now show for students in Elementary Schools without a Master Schedule. Also, the Student Backpack "My Assignments" and Gradebook Scores by Assignment have been adjusted to be more efficient when communicating with the Aeries database.

   Class Rosters - Class Rosters now include an option to not print shading.

   Student Test Settings - The CAASPP Student Accommodations Test Settings feature has been updated for 2016-17.

   Import Test Results - The ACT score file can now be imported. Also, some slight adjustments have been made to the CAASPP load to handle CAA INC0 and INC1 exclusion codes.

   Send Emails and Define Email Text - The WYSIWYG Editor on these pages has been updated for better browser compatibilities.

   Report Card History - This page now logs an entry into the PHL (Page Hit Log) table when a parent or student opens the page. It also logs which report cards are viewed into the PHL (Page Hit Log) table.

   Records Transfer - College Test Scores are now available to transfer. Also, using multiple words separated by a space would fail when requesting records, fixed. Also, when receiving data if a leave date did not exist the records would fail to update, fixed.

   Parent Portal - All reports run by parents are now logged in the PHL (Page Hit Log) table.

   Gradebook Scores By Student - The # Correct Possible and Points Possible fields are now not editable if the assignment is a rubric assignment.

   Gradebook - Rubric assignments now supports Narrative Grading. The Score is now set to the Rubric Score of the selected Narrative Mark instead of 0. Also, the Narrative Grading dropdown will not display % if the assignment is a rubric assignment.

   Multi-Tab Support - All remaining pages in Aeries now support using multiple tabs or windows of the same browser to view and edit data on different students at the same time.